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Rapid Fab Tubes

Rapid Fab Tubes

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Automotive fabrication can be tedious and time consuming… We offer a solution which will allow for easy mock up when routing exhaust headers, intercooler piping, screamer pipes, turbo inlets and BEYOND! This is an extremely helpful tool which every shop or garage should have to easily determine how you can route your piping for your build. 

We offer a range of tubing sizes which have been specially targeted to industry standards within Australia. Our kits come with an included toolbox which allows you to store your parts in a protective and organised manner. Please note that these Tubing kits will come in a RANDOM colour and not reflect what images you see on the screen! Essentially most of the time these will be black, red, blue or green. Although we will not mix the colours, if you order a 1.75inch tubing kit it will ALL be one colour!

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